Monday, December 5, 2011


Heat is divided into two parts when name it, one is Sensible Heat and Latent Heat is the other.

A. Sensible Heat – is the heat for increasing and decreasing temperature of a matter.

B. Latent Heat – is the heat for changing the state of matter without changing its temperature. Generally, the matter changes the state into three, solid, liquid and gas according to its temperature or pressure.

C. Superheated – is vapor that has temperature higher than saturation temperature.

D.  Enthalpy – also known as heat content, it is the amount of heat and energy in a substance. It is measured in sources in terms of the change in heat accompanying a chemical reaction that take place at constant pressure.
      For system of internal energy U, pressure P and volume V.

                                  Enthalpy (H) = U + PV

E.  Entropy – a difficult content of thermodynamics, it is the measure of unavailability of a system’s energy to do work – that is, a measure of its disorder.

F.  Ton of refrigeration – a substance that by undergoing a change in phase (liquid to gas, gas to liquid) releases or absorbs a large latent heat in relation to each volume, and thus effect a considerable cooling effect. It is the working fluid, which pick sup the heat from the enclosed refrigerated space and transfers it to the surroundings.

1Pa = 1N/m2 = 9.87 ATM
1KPa = 1KN/m2

     It should be understood that there is no such thing as an ideal refrigerant, due to various application and operating conditions, different refrigerants are available for use. For instance, the heat of fusion is 79.6 Kcal/kg for water and the evaporation heat is 539 Kcal/kg at atmospheric pressure

Liquid + Latent Heat    = Vapor

Vapor – Latent Heat    = Liquid
                   ── SENSIBLE HEAT

HEAT     ─
                                                                                                 Add             Add
                                               ── the heat of fusion                 Heat           Heat
                                                (Congelation)                           [SOLID – LIQUID

                             LATENT __
                                               ── the heat of evaporation
                                                    (Condensation) [LIQUID – GAS]


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